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Born and raised in Denver Colorado, I never learned to Ski or Snowboard. Instead, I rode horses.

Bliss is a mountain trail and time in my garden


I own and use 7 sewing machines and an antique sock machine.


I’m terrified of snails.


I’ve moonlighted as a construction worker on my own home restoration, a cute little warehouse from the 1940’s.


A clicky Sharpie, and a pad of Stickynotes are my secret weapons.


I’ve carted a box of fabric from my grandma over 6K miles and 2 decades and still haven’t decided what to do with it.



A chronological history and highlights


I Started work in the garment industry at 18, pre college. The man who hired me and honed my sewing and patternmaking skills would later become one of my best friends and mentors. Nate Butler, ran Bloodnickel Industries; where we made build-to-suit, custom, fully armored leather suits from start to finish for professional and novice street bike racers and downhill street luge competitors. Our work cameoed in the 2002 movie Rollerball.

At age 21, I established Twich Ind., a custom shop specializing in costumes and sculptural design in leather and plastics. I collaboratively designed & constructed a range of custom garments for acrobats, local artists and performers.

A few years later I sought a position in CA with Fox Racing / Shift MX and dove back into technical and functional design. Leveraging experience with Bloodnickel, I pioneered the Supermoto class of functional outerwear for the brand with a focus on fit and protection by way of functional design and managed the workflow for a team of 6 pattern makers and sewers in this process

Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 12.26.59 AM.png

The rest is a history steeped in the indigo blue of denim design and R&D for American denim brand icons

In 2004 I was recruited to Levi Strauss

2022-2023 Wrangler

Denim Design Consultant

Freelance, lend expertise and extra hands to the Modern Men’s design team for FA24 development.

2019-2021 Lee

Fabric R&D Manager

Championed new processes and ways of working in fabric development, innovation and R&D. Increased sustainable fiber adoption and water reduction efforts across the brand.

2017-2019 Wrangler

Womens Denim Design Manager

Directed, developed and launched the womens Global Modern Heritage line; translating the brand’s language to reimagine iconic mens fits into immutable womens fits and finishes. Redesigned and relaunched the womens Ultimate Riding Jean. Lead concept designer for Wrangler x Fred Segal Launch. Key design lead on process and GTM calendar development. Responsible for developing the creative vision for the Wrangler Brand Women’s Denim segmentation and Modern Denim launch for North America, exceeding plan + 41% in modern and +4% in Western business units for 2018.

2016-2017 Gymboree

Fabric R&D and Denim Wash Development Manager

Responsible for managing, leading and growing a team that handled fabric, wash and denim development for all Gymboree brands.

2010-2016 Old Navy Mens


Denim, Swim, Lounge. Reimagined the mens business and launched stretch in the mens back wall. Consistently increasing GM Dollars 51% from 2010 to 2016.

2007- 2010 Levi’s Red Tab Boys


Modernized, diversified, and repositioned the assortment and increased distribution. Concept tested the commuter line for boys. Increased profits and total market share year over year consistently. Revenue growth in 2010 was 19% above plan.

2004-2007 Levi’s Red Tab Mens

Assistant Designer

Cut my cooperate design chops, learned trims (sundries as they are called there) and how to research and build a concept story into a product line.

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