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“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.” — R. Buckminster Fuller




Womens Denim Design Manager


Boys Red Tab Designer



Mens Denim, Woven Bottoms, Swim and Lounge Designer


Fabric Manager

Lee | Gymboree Brands

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Specifications & Construction




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All Brands


Founder | Principal Creative Director

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I don’t have a dreamy story about growing up with the family legacy of an Atelier;

what I did have was Grandma Mae.

From my first memories of her setting me up to collage a stack of old magazines, to sitting by her side as she sat sewing giving out child sized lessons, to that wondrous day when I first stretched my toes to reach the machine peddle…. hands on fabric, eyes on the needle, barely heeding her words of warning, “That machine shows no mercy!” Without reservation, I hit the gas – I’ve had my foot on the peddle ever since.


My skills are born of a decades long design career from a start in a sewing room to global design management. Along this journey Ive honed strong design and conceptual abilities across Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s, within segments Denim, Swim, Lounge and Outerwear, technical outwear and R&D. I’ve worked within the areas of Trend & Brand Concept, Creative Strategy, Design & Development, Brand Repositioning, New Product Launch, Fabric R&D, SOP and Process and Calendar Improvements. I have traveled extensively to exceed several brands goals, collaborated with, and lead partners local and abroad and I’m comfortable with ambiguity, deadlines, and language barriers.


At heart, I’m an entrepreneur, a maker, a costumer, a gardener, a hiker, a builder, a run on sentence writer,

and a curious connector of disparate ideas.


Accredited as Right and Left brained, I am both creative and strategic with a passion for innovation, sustainability and crafting a purpose-built product that tells a story. I'm a nerd for the total process from concept to production and thrill at leading and contributing to the teams that make it happen.

I maintain a proven track record of driving results. From developing and implementing strategies which increased sustainable fiber adoption across the Lee Brand, to leading the design team which exceeded plan 41% with the Launch of Wrangler Modern Women’s in 2018, while at the same time I spearheaded long overdue research and innovations in fit to revive the ultimate riding jean in Wrangler Western, bringing 4% growth above plan. With Old Navy, I strategized, developed, and launched stretch and a new fit portfolio in the Men’s back wall, increasing GM Dollars 51%. Further back, my work with Levi’s Boy’s brought new customer segments, innovation in waterless and the boy’s commuter, aka Progressive Skate, bringing revenue growth in 2010 to 19% above plan. These accomplishments are fueled by my partnerships and understanding of the way product connects and resonates with each customer to serve a function in their lives.

Both technically and socially literate, I am skilled at providing clear direction to guide assortment development, fabric, color selection, design direction and driving innovation. I have extensive fit, fabric, and denim wash development knowledge and excellent rapport with overseas factories, mills, and vendors. I shine in cross-functional and team mentoring and partnering to build strong team cooperation, and lasting relationships to achieve our common goals. I am no stranger to tuning my work for communication at all organizational levels as well as guiding strategies for internal and external partners to facilitate the development processes to execute to a successful launch.


I am passionate about relationships and conversations that support the way each of us contributes to a common vision. I am well versed in the creative processes up’s and down’s, crafting and selling a vision, partnering to make it a reality, being a cheerleader, a problem solver and a sounding board.


I am most honored and at my best as the Swiss Army knife of my team.

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